Product Comparison Table

Product Comparison Table


  • The Product Comparison Table enables users to generate two types of tables: a comprehensive product comparison table and a standard data table.
  • The Product Comparison Table is designed for competitor analysis. It allows you to seamlessly compare two competitors side by side, evaluating key features and specifications.
  • The Data Table is designed to to present information in a traditional data format, using a table to organize and view data sets in a structured manner


  • Both tables have the following features:
    • Option to expand/collapse rows
    • Option to add text, text links, tooltips, checkmarks, or crosses to data cells
    • Column Sorting
    • Filters
    • Search


  • Product Comparison Table
    • Single Products
    • Double Products
  • Data Table
    • Manual Data Entry
    • Dynamic Data with CSV

This is a Global AEM Component.

Live HTML demo available.
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