Key Insights


Key Insights

Key Insights


Key Insights display key stats with optional CTAs and social share functionality (for use in editorial scenarios).

This is a Global AEM Component.

Live HTML demo available.
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  • On load: Small title + larger callout text/label + large number + bar (plot-able) + CTA to expand to see more (optional). 
  • Optional Expanded State: large body copy block + smaller set of plot-able bars
  • Social Share functionality
  • Bars animate in on scroll


  • Single bar: 1-col, Desktop
  • 2-up: 2 bars, 2-col, Desktop
  • 3-up: 3 bars, 3 col, Desktop
  • Stacked bar chart: (multiple bars), 1-col, Desktop
  • Stacked double bars: multiple sets of double bars, 1 col, Desktop
  • ALL variations available on white or black background