Hero Form

Hero Form - Single Column


Designed for lead generation landing pages, the Hero Form component includes a one-step form in the content area. This component is placed on a prominent place on the page, helping lines of business increase lead generation efforts and user engagement. The form area also comes in a one or two column configuration. It is available background colors include a dark blue gradient, a light blue gradient, and a light grey.

This is a Global AEM Component.

Live HTML demo available.
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Component comprised of:

  • Eyebrow
  • H2 Headline
  • H4 Subheadline
  • Subcopy
  • H6 Headline
  • Subcopy
  • Form


  • Background Variations
    1. Dark Blue Gradient Background
    2. Light Blue Gradient Background
    3. Light Grey Background
  • Form Variations
    1. Single Column Form
    2. Double Column Form